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I rarely write reviews but when a service is either really bad or really good I feel the need to share my experience. Let me begin by stating that I decided to go with NYC Party Bus Pros because of my initial conversation exchange with Vito as compared to dozen other companies I called. I'm a good judge of character and always decide to work with thorough patient people who are geared towards building long standing relationships not just a quick business deal. He had explained in detail everything!!! Was thorough in explaining the required document, worked with my guidelines and even went above and beyond to make me happy, I ran into a capacity problem, called him the day of the party, and he worked his magic, always humbling. He checked in AFTER the party to check on how everything went, ready and willing to ensure our experience was nothing short of amazing. Furthermore the party bus was clean, exactly as described, modern and beautiful, great driver and amazing drive. Thank you NYC Party Bus Pros and Vito for making my birthday a day to remember.

Mailene Rodriguez
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Who Says You Can't Get a Cheap Party Bus in NYC?

It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling the professionals at NYC Party Bus Pros! The old maxim “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” does not apply here! You’d be surprised at how reasonable our rates are. If you’re trying to plan a big weekend or event in the city, a cheap party bus in NYC is a great idea.

Are you operating on a budget? We understand you’ve got to take transportation costs into consideration. Here are some things to think about: A subway pass is $2.75 per ride, per person. No group rates or discounts. Say your family has left you in charge of planning a reunion weekend in NYC for a total of 30 people. You want to go from the place you’re staying to do some sightseeing in Times Square. Then you want to go and check out some art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before grabbing a little lunch in Chinatown and then heading back home. Subway pass of $2.75 x 30 people = $82.50 just for one trip. Is a cheap party bus in NYC starting to sound like a viable option yet?

You’ll be spending $82.50 for your whole group each trip, so by the time you’ve gotten back home, you’ll have already spent a lot, just on getting around. And if one of the kids loses his or her subway pass, you’ll have to stop and purchase another one. Either way, you’ll also be spending valuable vacation time navigating the subway, waiting for trains, and coordinating all 30 people. It’s unlikely everyone will get a seat on the train; with that many people, you’ll probably even have to split up between subway cars or entire trains. And have you ever stood underground in a subway terminal in the heat of summer? It usually costs a fortune to do away with all the stress and inconvenience, but certainly not with our cheap party bus in NYC!

Okay, here’s another scenario:
-It’s your best friend’s bachelor party and as best man, you’ve got to plan an unforgettable weekend, the memory of which he and all your friends will hold dear for years to come. Everyone’s coming in from out of town, and it’s been awhile since you guys have all gotten to spend time with one another. Dinner and cocktails, some live music, and then hitting a couple different bars and clubs later in the evening. Waiting for the subway is a drag, especially later in the evening when the trains come every 30 minutes. The costs for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft skyrocket during peak hours. The worst part is, you’ll have to split the group! Four people in this car, four people in that, staggered arrival times, and the hassle of meeting back up at your destination. The alternative is a cheap party bus in NYC (the city that never sleeps), where you can hit all your destinations as a team with no stress. We offer top-of-the-line amenities; everything from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, cold ice and beverages, and most importantly, a blank canvas for you to develop your own immersive celebratory experience.

Let us be your first choice for transportation around New York City! We’ve been in the business for years. On top of our consistent and reliable service, we bring years of experience, both with getting around and with the city life in general. We’ve got great recommendations for stuff to do and when to do them, little-known spots and fun off the beaten path. So don’t about a cheap party bus in NYC today!