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Your Guide To The Best Pizza In NYC

Admit it. You came into the city for pizza and pizza alone. You can tell yourself it was for a Broadway show or a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but when it comes down to it, it’s ok to admit you have a one-track mind. You need that beautiful hand-tossed crust cooked to bubbly charred perfection. You want to see that stringy and saucy mozzarella drip right onto your plate when you fold your slice in half. You should never deny your pizza cravings. Here’s our definitive ranking of the best pizza spots throughout New York City.


Right smack in the middle of Nolita is the charming neighborhood Italian spot Rubirosa. You come to Rubirosa for the vodka pie. If you’re not completely familiar with vodka sauce, it’s basically like a creamy tomato sauce that should be put on pretty much everything. The crust at Rubirosa is paper-thin, the creamy pink vodka sauce is all kinds of indulgent and the fresh mozzarella melted on top just ties it all together perfectly. Don’t try to eat this whole pie alone. You’ll need one or two reinforcements for this rich vodka pie.


The highly respected and cozy pizza haven in Carroll Gardens, Lucali, is way more than a pizzeria. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once. The owner and pizza maker of this Brooklyn hot spot, Mark Iacono, accidentally fell into the world of thin-crust brick-oven pizza. Iacono has turned Lucali into a work of art. Every charming detail of the restaurant is carefully thought out. You go to Lucali for two things: pizza and calzones. These pies aren’t cheap, but it’s well worth it for the perfectly thin crust, rich homemade sauce and bubbly cheese. Don’t come to Lucali with time constraints. Have a bottle of wine in hand and be prepared to wait. You’ll be grateful you did.

Di Fara

You want the real deal Brooklyn pizza experience? Di Fara is about as legit as you’ll get. The sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes and the pies are topped with a blend of Grana Padano, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Watch the owner Domenico De Marco, aka “Dom,” cut fresh basil onto your pie at this no-frill pizza joint. You’ll see Dom reach into the pizza oven and pull out a burning hot pie with his bare hands with not a care in the world. It’s oddly comforting. Depending on where you’re traveling from, Di Fara can be a little bit of a trek, but there’s a reason it’s one of the most sought-after pizzerias in the city. While the pies are not necessarily cheap, it’s an experience worth having. A regular slice will run you $5, but if you’re trekking all the way out to Midwood, you might as well go all out with a full pie.

Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza

For an overall perfect slice of pizza, go to Table 87 in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The pies come out of the oven with an expertly blistered crispy crust that can only come from a coal oven. You should order the margarita pie slathered with soft cloves of roasted garlic and fresh basil. The ratio of fresh tomato sauce to mozzarella cheese is on point at Table 87 and you won’t have to worry about any grease dripping down your arm or cheese sliding off of the slice when you go to take a bite. Get yourself to Gowanus for one of these all-star slices.


There’s no question. When in Brooklyn, make the trip to Roberta’s. There are about eight different pies on the menu at any given time, in addition to other comforting Italian dishes. Roberta’s is one of those spots that’s effortlessly cool. Hidden behind a graffiti-covered door, this trendy wood-fired pizza spot put Bushwick on the map. What once started as an outdoor pizza spot, has turned into a full on cheesy operation takes up the entire block. Within the Roberta’s perimeters you also have a radio station, event space and a separate takeout section. The coal-fired pizza at Roberta’s has a crust that’s the perfect combination of chewy, pillowy and charred with a sweet, light and fresh tomato sauce and bubbly cheese that’s all kinds of rich and stringy. You’ll want to order the Bee Sting pie made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sopressata, chili and drizzle of honey. Another fan favorite is the Speckenwolf made with mozzarella, speck, crimini mushrooms, onion, oregano and black pepper.


Juliana’s was opened by Patsy Grimaldi himself after he sold the famed Grimaldi’s over a decade ago. The charming Dumbo pizza spot has Neapolitan-style pies with a chewy and charred crust. Regulars will tell you to order the classics — margherita, marinara and white — but you should always check out the daily specials. The buttery garlicky crust melts in your mouth underneath the sweet and spicy sauce. A slice can hold up to the folding test without crumbling all over you. You’ll have to participate in a true New York pizza rivalry and see who has the better pie, Grimaldi’s or Juliana’s.

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