Big Moments Matter!

There are some life events that deserve–nay, demand–to be commemorated on a party bus. Bachelorette parties, graduations, and big promotions don’t come around every day. They’re manifestations of years of hard-work, dedication, and love….and they should be treated as such. Don’t you want your special day to go down in the history books? What better way to forge memories than inside a decked out party bus rental, NYC style? Make your bat mitzvah, wedding, or birthday an evening to remember!

Traffic & The MTA Dragging You Down?

Okay, so New York City is a sprawling metropolis, a testament to the wonders of American ingenuity and humanity’s capacity for industrial achievement. A place with this kind of reputation is going to attract quite a few people, and needless to say, traffic conditions aren’t always ideal in the city especially at peak times. Imagine: you’re in group of your closest friends and family, people you don’t get to see anywhere near as often as you would like. Traffic is moving at a snail’s pace. Wouldn’t you love to crank your favorite tunes and enjoy your favorite drinks courtesy of a party bus rental in NYC? Or do you want to be stuffed in the back seat of some Uber or taxi listening to talk radio (or worse)? Imagine yourself stuck in a tiny sedan with four other people and the visage of another car’s bumper as you traverse the horrors of Manhattan traffic. Yes, the choice is obvious to us too.

Feeling lost? Wondering what exactly you actually do on a party bus? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We get asked that all the time. Connect with us on Social Media, check out our Gallery or explore our Tours to learn more about what an excellent time you’re going to have with the Party Bus Pros.

Transporting a Big Group is a Breeze

Speaking of those uncomfortable, elbow-to-face taxi trips, can we just not? Even if traffic conditions are optimal, who wants to split a big group up into a group of disparate cars? A party bus rental in NYC is the perfect way to get your crew from one place to another, without the stress and hassle of multi-car coordination. All your favorite people together in the same ride. If you think about it, one big bus is way better for the environment than a little fleet of taxis or 3 extra large Ubers (especially when half the group never pays – you know who you are).

Pull-up with Some Swag & Style

Come on now. At the end of the day, arriving at the party in a decked-out party bus or limo is one of the coolest things you can do. It’s not just for rap icons and NBA stars. It’s for super cool people like YOU and your posse. Your style points will go through the roof, and you’ll be making heads turn from the moment you step out the party bus rental NYC style and onto the dance floor, vineyard, or a Broadway show. Start the night off right by arriving in style and embrace your inner celebrity!

It’s Actually Quite Affordable!

Seriously, when we said that limos and party buses aren’t just for mega-famous musicians and athletes, we meant it! The prevailing image of this method of transportation has been relegated to fame, fortune, and celebrity, but that simply isn’t the reality. You can spend a minimal amount and score big points with your squad for way better prices than you’re probably thinking. Don’t believe it? Call us for a quote on party bus rentals in NYC today!

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