It’s getting hot in here! Hot in, so hot in here… uh, so take off all your. Oops, wait, sorry we got totally sidetracked. You know how it is with Justin. Anyway, with spring right around the corner we’ve put together a little list of the coolest events going on in NYC.

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SoFar Sounds – Hipster meets Modern meets Cool Concerts

You know how every concert in NYC seems to never need any lighting because everyone’s phone is out recording the whole thing? And it sure seems like no one actually cares about the music?

SoFar Sounds changes all of that. It’s three amazing musical artists of all genres in a totally secret location. Whether it’s a whiskey distillery in Brooklyn, the basement of an old church in Harlem or in an actual Broadway stage – you’re sure to have a blast with your friends.

Royal Palm Shuffle Board, Brooklyn Bowl or Long Island Roller Skating

After a long, long winter, you’re probably feeling as cooped up as we are. What you probably don’t remember is how crazy hot it gets in NYC by the beginning of June. That’s okay though – we New Yorkers know how to fix a problem.

Get active, INSIDE, in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Long Island with fun outdoors activities like axe throwing, bowling, roller skating or dancing. Want to make the best of all worlds? Do it all and just grab a party bus to hop from place to place.

Soul in the Horn, Brooklyn Folk Festival, DJ Showy Show

Wondering where the funk is at? Look no further! These FREE shows feature fun live music as spun by the DJ who owns the show (try Natasha, Tony Toca, DJ Funkmaster Flex and more!). Local artists live paint, b-bois from all eras show off their moves and girls are there to be seen.

PS: It’s all about the music so if you’re a wall-flower, this may not be for you. But then again, if you’re shy, you’re probably not reading a party bus blog.

Lot 45, House of Yes, Brooklyn Mirage, Arabian Nights

Themed parties are a right of passage in New York City. Whether it’s the “all-welcoming” fun of House of Yes, the Las Vegas inspired fog of Brooklyn Mirage or the crazy hip-hop fueled extravaganza at Lot 45 every true party-goer knows a night going out should be a night going ALL out.

It’s hard to get the whole crew together for a night out, so when you do manage to get everyone it’s worth shelling out twenty bucks each for a ticket. Trust us, it’ll be a night you’ll talk about for months.

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