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CEO & Co-Founder

Jon, one of our original founders, is known for his big heart. Treat him right, and you’ll find yourself with a great deal.

Jon Q

Jon is one-half of the dynamic duo that founded NYC Party Bus Pros. With over three decades of experience in the transportation industry, Jon is the wise guru that sits in the middle of the operation. He puts his business acumen to good use in securing amazing deals!

If you’re looking for guidance on great restaurants in NYC (especially Italian food), great places to go out and party or just want to chat about how the good old days in Brooklyn used to be – Jon’s your guy! He’s a born and raised New Yorker, and proud of it.

NYC Party Bus Pros has over two decades of experience in transportation services and event planning. We are experts in what makes New York City awesome (sporting events, nightlife and the best food scene in the world). 

Whether you need transportation for a bachelor(ette) party, wedding, corporate event, wine tour, pizza tour – or really just about anything, trust the Pros to get things done the right way. We’re the highest rated company in NYC across the board!