Spring is almost here. You know we’re hyped – we’re the Party Bus Pros! We hope you have your corsages, dresses and tiaras ready because prom, spring fling and graduation are all coming in hot!~

We asked ten high schoolers (five guys, five gals) who used a party bus to get to prom last year what they thought of the experience. Here’s what they had to say:

#1: A party bus is major fun if you’re with a group of your friends for prom in NYC.

You’re going to want to dance because the music can get pretty loud, and if you put on the right music video it feels like you’re in a Real Life NYC TV episode. Good news? It’s actually totally lit. Bad news? If you’re not with your friends you don’t want to be trending on the wrong “that girl” prom SnapChat or NYC hashtag.

#2: Everyone wants to get in the party bus when you arrive at prom.

Okay, let’s be real – you didn’t rent the party bus because Mommy and Daddy asked you to be safe this prom. You want to show off, right? Every single student agreed; when you arrive at prom, you’re the star attraction.

Everyone’s prom Instagram or SnapChat story looks like a dead person’s heartbeat, right? (————- if you’re slow). A big party bus rolls up, playing Flashing Lights, rocking flashing lights? That’s invite-only prom story material right there even in NYC.

#3: Yeah, okay, renting a party bus for prom is also safe, especially in NYC.

This wasn’t actually a common response among the high schoolers we polled, but it was super insightful, so we added it for you future NYC prom party bus goers.

Whether your parents are paying, or you’re pooling money among your friends, or you’re balling out on your summer job budget – you gotta convince everyone it’s going to be safe (especially if it’s the rental units paying). With chaperones, a pretty stable dance floor and a lot of space, a party bus is just way better than a limo.

Looking for more information on renting a Party Bus for Prom from the NYC Party Bus Pros? Click here to check out our Official Prom Party Bus Guide.

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