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Long Island has had a long recorded history (from the 17th century until today). The Native American name for Long Island is Paumanok (meaning “island who pays tribute”). The name came about as the relatively peaceful Long Island tribes were forced to pay tribute to other war-like tribes in order to avoid being attacked.

The Paumanok Wine Tour is a custom, choose your own adventure, style – so your personal choices will dictate how your tour looks, how it is priced and what you’ll be doing! Potential options include up to three (3) vineyards, lunch, dinner, or a visit to a farmhouse.

Start by choosing up to three (3) vineyards from the choices below.  The Paumanok Wine Tour is a standard 8 hour long tour. You may rent the vehicle for less time, but the NYC Party Bus Pros can’t guarantee you will get to visit every vineyard with less time.

Read more about the Paumanok Wine Tour just below:

Step 1: Pick # of Hours

Step 2: Pick Vineyards

Seasonal Deals

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Extras Available

You’re going to get hungry on the road. Don’t want to waste time on a lunch pit-stop? We can provide customized lunches from the Original John’s Deli.

Enjoy a perfect finish to your day with a stop at a famous, local Long Island farm to enjoy fresh lemonade, pies & produce to take home! (OPTIONAL)



We pay tribute to Long Island’s Native American history with our own award-winning Paumanok Wine Tour. Enjoy up to three (3) famous vineyards (we recommend two if wine-tasting is a passion) of your choice. This tour is perfect for bachelor & bachelorette parties, company retreats, birthdays, fun, group outings with friends or just a fun jaunt with strangers!