NYC Party Bus Pros


Are you and a small group of friends or business associates getting groovy? This 20 Passenger Party Bus will get you to your destination in style! Sink into the rich Italian seats and rest your feet on the premium hardwood floors. Close your eyes as your favorite music filters through the iPhone docking station and your friends cheer on your favorite sports teams on the 40″ LCD TV.


  • • 20 Passengers
  • • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • • Bluetooth-Controlled System
  • • Full Fiber-Optics Krypton Display
  • • Music and Multimedia.
  • • Fully Controllable by your Smart Device
  • •Complimentary Water/Ice/Beverage Cuaps (Otherwise BYOB)
  • • Multiple Charging Docks for Smart Devices
  • • Isolated Air Flow System for Passengers
  • • Karaoke Machine Available Upon Request
  • • Authentic Plush Leather Seating
  • • Custom IMAX Dolby Theater Sound System
  • • Black Quartz Surfaces
  • • Multiple Charging Docks

Are you ready to create an amazing memory? One that you will re-live over and over again, for a long time to come? Memories you won’t experience using rideshare. Instead meet those needs in style with Party Bus Pros’ 20-Passenger Bus. Whether you want  a relaxing lounge experience or want to tear it up on the dance floor, our state-of-the art Smart Environment Controls let you control the atmosphere.

Why stop the party between venues? Be ready to get your drink on (safely and legally) as you hop from bar-to-bar! No matter the reason, or the occasion, our 20-passenger party bus is the right answer; just tell us where you want to go.

Ask yourself, aren’t you ready to spend some time with your friends, book an amazing tour to delight and energize you?

With NYC Party Bus Pros the journey becomes the destination!