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The Party Bus Pros feature high quality passenger buses that are able to transport your family, friends and company employees. We are only guilty of making it look easy, because we have nearly three decades of experience in transportation services. We know where the hot spots are located in the NYC area because we are native New Yorkers. Our owner/leader Jon has lived in NYC for over 50 years. Call today with any questions you may have, to get a quote or to reserve any of our vehicles!!



Are you ready to take a refreshing wine tour in the Hamptons or Westchester county New York? Well, we are ready to carry your tour group in grand style to the wineries within the local areas to NYC. With 38 wineries give or take spread across the North Fork and...
nyc party bus pizza tour


You are hereby authorized to have a great time on our fun and exciting pizza tour, made possible especially for you by the Party Bus Pros. NYC Party Bus Pros has been doing Pizza Tours for over 10 Years...
beer tour nyc


When is the last time that you had an exhilarating mug of ale? No, really, one that made you think again why you liked beer? If hops are more your style, you may be read to book an enjoyable brewery tour on the Party Bus Pros. Our first-class brewery...

Theme Park / Family Vacation

Ditch the long drives and tired carpools! Turn your theme park or water park adventure into an epic party from the moment you leave with a NYC Party Bus Pros party bus!


Are you a live sports enthusiast? Well, we’ve got you covered there too. We will give you priceless memories as we transport you and yours to your favorite NCAA basketball/football game, or any of the pro leagues. (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). Our Party buses are fantastic for tailgating at any of these live events. We promise an EPIC time!!


Music lovers and theater aficionados, unite! Tired of the boring commute before the electrifying concert or captivating play? Turn your pre-show routine into a vibrant party on wheels with our party bus!
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New York City is alive & well and there’s plenty to celebrate. Looking for ideas on how to celebrate? Our Party Bus Pros have your back. Check out our Top 10 Things to Do During the...
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The night is young, the city lights are calling, and your crew is ready to paint the tri-state area red! Why settle for a boring car ride when you can embark on a vibrant adventure on a party bus? This isn’t just transportation, it’s your own personal disco ball on wheels, the perfect way to kick off your epic night out.
birthday party ideas NYC


Make Your Big Day Shine Brighter: Celebrate Birthdays, Quinceañeras & Mitzvahs on a Party Bus! Birthdays, Quinceañeras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – these are milestones meant to be memorable! Elevate your celebration on a party bus – it’s the ultimate way to transform your journey into a vibrant, unforgettable party on wheels!

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