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Purim, (Hebrew: “Lots”) English Feast of Lots, a joyous Jewish festival commemorating the survival of the Jews who, in the 5th century bce, were marked for death by their Persian rulers. The story is related in the biblical Book of Esther. Purim. Purim is a Jewish holiday which commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman.

Here at the NycPartyBusPros we have been providing party buses for the Purim holiday for over 10 years. We service the Borough Park area of Brooklyn as well as other parts of NYC and NJ. Call Vito directly to book a bus and mention code PURIM for a 10% discount. Thank you!

Buses currently still available

14 passenger Sprinter Party Bus

20 Passenger Party Bus

26 Passenger Party Bus

30 Passenger Party Bus

40 Passenger Party Bus

50 Passenger Party Bus

Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Are you ready to take a refreshing wine tour in New York State with the Party Bus Pros? Well, we are ready to carry your tour group in grand style to the wineries within the local areas to NYC. With 38 wineries give or take spread across the North Fork and Shinn Estate Vineyards areas, we are able to offer your tour group some of the best wine and casual wine tasting experiences in town.

We visit family-owned wineries that are able to showcase amazing and delightful wines, allowing you to participate in wine tasting to brighten your wine palate and introduce you to the spectacular wines available in the region. If you want to treat your friends and family on a wine tour, we are ready to accommodate you in our spacious and comfortable Party Bus Pro passenger buses.

If you can imagine a mobile fund dream come true, then you are coming to the right place. Give us a call right now to find out our seasonal schedule of wine tours in the NYC and surrounding areas today.

NYC Pizza Tour

NYC Pizza Tour

You are hereby authorized to have a great time on our fun and exciting pizza tour, made possible especially for you by the Party Bus Pros. Our NYC pizza tour is custom designed by an Italian chef and NYC native pizza expert, and our pizza tour guarantees a veritable taste of the best pizza available from the Big Apple’s finest pizzerias!

You’ll be driven to taste pizza pies in elegant style, and your taste buds will never be the same again. It will be impossible to determine a favorite, and your secret’s safe with us! Call today for the most recent itinerary for the next scheduled NYC pizza tour sponsored by the Party Bus Pros. 

Foodies, Fusions, & Flavors

Foodies, Fusions, & Flavors

Celebrate the love and joy of delightful food with your crew on the Party Bus Pros food tour. We can all admit that food is a driving force of live, and definitely at the heart of the New York City restaurant and pub scene. We are ready to spark an interest in new cultural, ethnic and delectable foods from every neighborhood available in NYC.

We will help you to successfully spark an interest in trying new and interesting foods, to allow you to regain your zest and joy of eating delightful cuisines from around the world. You’ll have a blast trying new entrees, appetizers and desserts from many different countries and locales, and you might even be inspired to spark enthusiasm to cook these treats for yourself at a later date. Get in touch with us today, to find out more about booking a guided Foodie adventure right now.

Foodies, Fusions, & Flavors