NYC Party Bus Pros


This custom-built 40 – 45 passenger party bus (featuring elegant, unique styling found in no other party bus) is a guaranteed instant hit no matter who is in the crowd. Plush gray Bentley-stitched leather seating compliments the high-quality all-wood flooring and floor-to-ceiling chrome decor.

40 – 45 Passenger Party Bus

  • • Up to 40 – 45 Passengers
  • • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • • Bluetooth-Controlled System
  • • Full Fiber-Optics Krypton Display
  • • Sony I-max Custom Sound System with Bluetooth Command
  • • Fully Controllable by your Smart Device
  • •Complimentary Water/Ice/Beverage Cuaps (Otherwise BYOB)
  • • Multiple Charging Docks for Smart Devices
  • • Fantastic storage for Corporate Events
  • • Holds up to 40 pieces of luggage
  • • Isolated Air Flow System for Passengers
  • • Karaoke Machine Available Upon Request
  • • Authentic Plush Leather Seating
  • • Custom IMAX Dolby Theater Sound System
  • • Black Quartz Surfaces
  • • Multiple Charging Docks
  • • Bathroom Available Upon Request

Are you interested in taking your custom planned party out in style? If so, we hear you and are ready, willing and able to assist with the Party Bus Pros 40-45 Passenger Party Bus. Our specialty is taking care of your needs on this one, and whatever tour you have planned, be prepared to arrive there in style.

As is standard with all party buses in the Party Bus Pro fleet, you will enjoy fiber-optics, full RBG lighting, a modern booming high-end surround sound stereo system and all of the modern amenities and technology that you should expect aboard a high end party bus, including 60 inch Smart TV’s! Your exclusive party will kick off in style, we are sure of it, and our high-quality customer service will meet and exceed your expectations.

Remember, it is not just a party bus, but it’s an experience where details make all the difference. Want to get away next weekend, or at the end of this month? Just give us a call. Yeah, we got this!