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♫ Hey, it’s your birthday… It’s your birthday… And we don’t really give a … ♫ 

Wait… hold everything! We’ve heard “In Da Club” every night for years now so we know 50 Cent is a bit of a legend but we heavily dispute that we don’t really care it’s your birthday.  

In fact, the NYC Party Bus Pros specialize in creating unique, super-fun birthdays that people love and remember, well, forever! 

The NYC Party Bus Pros fleet is one of the largest in the Big Apple. No matter what you need; whether it’s an old 1933 Studebaker (a movie star!), a brand new 2019 Elite Party Bus (the #1 Party Bus in NYC) or a fleet of corporate shuttles to get the whole team to the company picnic – we have your back.

Can’t decide what to do for your birthday? Check our tours & guides to explore our professional recommendations. Want to scope out a concert, beer festival or secret warehouse party? Follow our Instagram for daily events!


Wondering what the hype’s all about? Check out the deets below and, if you still want to hear it from someone else, just check out our reviews by clicking the ‘Yelp’ button.

The NYC Party Bus Pros look forward to working with you on this special day.

Most of the buses on our fleet feature black leather seating, onyx flooring, floor-to-ceiling black paneling and black marble fixtures. Wondering why all the black? Simple – selfies show up perfectly! 

There’s plenty of space to dance, move about and have a good time. Trust us – you aren’t cramped in any of our modern vehicles.

Enjoy state-of-the-art modern fiber optics systems – fully controllable by you (or your passengers). While some of our buses use remotes, our newer models are all BlueTooth controlled which means you can control the entire bus with your smart phone.

Hook up whatever you want on the Smart TV’s, play music and time the lights to the beat of whatever is bumping!

Enjoy complete control over twenty five (25) lasers, fifteen (15) strobe lights, and ten (10) disco settings for both floor and ceiling. Our newest model has five docks for you to connect to (and a Bluetooth command system). WiFi on request. VOCA karaoke machine on request.

It’s completely legal to drink aboard a party bus! Five (5) bars and two (2) stocked ice chests easily supply even the rowdiest party (ask ahead and we’ll be happy to arrange your drinks for the night as well). A decorative champagne wall, the perfect backdrop for SnapChat or Instagram, will leave everyone going crazy over your amazing birthday party! BYOB!

Worried about having too much fun? No such thing! But just in case anyone has an upset stomach, or drank a little too much – our vehicles come with on-board bathrooms (usually one)!

The party literally never stops.

The vehicle or bus is yours for the entire duration of time in which you rent it. That means you can take the party bus on the road for the entire time, or take it from bar to bar, bar to party and more!

Ask for our concierge services if you’re looking for ideas, or check out our amazing guides! We wrote them specifically for you since we consider ourselves kinda “experts” in having a great time and throwing an amazing party!


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