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Book with us and go on a Pizza Tour in NYC!

Book with us and go on a Pizza Tour in NYC!

New York City is renowned for its delicious pizza, and there are numerous pizzerias throughout the city that serve up mouthwatering slices and pies. Here are some of the best places and pizza tour in NYC based on their longstanding reputation and popularity:

1. **Di Fara Pizza**: Located in Brooklyn, Di Fara is an iconic pizzeria known for its traditional New York-style pizza. Their pizza is made with the finest ingredients, including imported Italian cheese and fresh basil.

2. **Lombardi’s**: Often considered the first pizzeria in the United States, Lombardi’s is a historic establishment located in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Their coal-oven pizzas are classic and delicious.

3. **Joe’s Pizza**: A Greenwich Village institution, Joe’s Pizza serves up classic New York slices that are thin, foldable, and dripping with flavor. It’s a no-frills spot with a loyal following.

4. **Artichoke Basille’s Pizza**: Known for their inventive pizza creations, Artichoke Basille’s offers unique slices like the namesake Artichoke pizza and the Crab pizza. Their flavor combinations are unlike anything you’ve tasted.

5. **Prince Street Pizza**: Famous for their pepperoni Sicilian slice, Prince Street Pizza is a must-visit in SoHo. The crispy pepperoni cups on their pizza are legendary.

6. **Robertas**: Located in Brooklyn, Roberta’s is a trendy spot with a wood-fired oven that produces some of the city’s most beloved pizzas. Their inventive toppings and a laid-back atmosphere make it a favorite.

7. **Grimaldi’s Pizzeria**: Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s offers a classic coal-fired pizza experience. The thin crust and fresh ingredients make it a Brooklyn favorite.

8. **Patsy’s Pizzeria**: A Harlem institution, Patsy’s has been serving up excellent coal-oven pizza since 1933. Their classic pies are a testament to New York pizza heritage.

9. **Lucali**: A beloved pizzeria in Brooklyn, Lucali offers a limited menu of pizzas and calzones, all made to perfection. Expect a wait, but it’s worth it.

10. **John’s of Bleecker Street**: Located in Greenwich Village, John’s is known for its classic, no-slices, whole-pie policy. Their coal-oven pizza and historic atmosphere make it a popular choice.

Remember that New York City’s pizza scene is diverse, and preferences can vary widely. What’s considered the “best” can be highly subjective, so it’s always a good idea to explore different pizzerias and find the style that suits your taste buds the most. Enjoy your pizza adventure in the Big Apple. Better yet, book a party bus and go on a pizza tour in NYC!

NYC Pizza Tour

NYC Pizza Tour

You are hereby authorized to have a great time on our fun and exciting pizza tour, made possible especially for you by the Party Bus Pros. Our NYC pizza tour is custom designed by an Italian chef and NYC native pizza expert, and our pizza tour guarantees a veritable taste of the best pizza available from the Big Apple’s finest pizzerias!

You’ll be driven to taste pizza pies in elegant style, and your taste buds will never be the same again. It will be impossible to determine a favorite, and your secret’s safe with us! Call today for the most recent itinerary for the next scheduled NYC pizza tour sponsored by the Party Bus Pros. 

Pizza Tours

Pizza Tours

 Rent a party bus and go try some of NYC’s best pizza on one of our popular pizza tours.  Call 347-329-5466 today.


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